Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review & Swatches: MAC Powder Blush in Style

I never was one to wear blushes much, which is funny considering that I'm pretty pale. Whenever I put blush on, I always ended up looking completely clownish and then deciding that blush WASN'T FOR ME EVER. Just this past year, since I started really getting into makeup blogs, I picked up this blush that I've had for a while. Maybe I just didn't know how to put blush on properly before, but I find myself using this blush pretty much every day. 

This is a blush from MAC's permanent line, and comes in MAC's standard packaging. One problem I find with this packaging is that the clear portion with MAC written on top often pops out. It's not that important, but I find it to be somewhat annoying if the clear part rolls away under the table or something.
L to R: MAC blush in "Style", NARS blush in "Orgasm", NARS multiple in "Orgasm"

Other than that, the blush is a warm coral-peach with fine gold glitter. The blush is quite pigmented, but not too potent. The gold glitter reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm, although this is more orange than the NARS blush is. Because of that, I find this to be a little more "every-day" than NARS orgasm, having just enough color to keep you from looking corpsy but not pink enough to make you look perpetually embarrassed. Also, since my skin is a little more olive-toned than pink, the peacher/orange tone of the MAC blush looks a little more flattering than the NARS blush does. The gold glitter adds just a little bit of highlighting and warmth on the cheeks, and the fact that it's finely milled keeps you from looking like Ke$ha.


  • Subtle blush, for those of us that like to stay minimal
  • Better for yellower skintones but fairly universal
  • Finely-milled glitter 
  • Pigmented
  • May not look as flattering on pink skintones or mature women
  • May not be pigmented/dark enough for darker skintones (I would use NARS Orgasm instead)


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